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Juniper Trails

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"Providing the path... home, passion, fellowship"

Lesson Etiquette:
Arrive on time for your lesson. Avoid being early or late.

Please wear jeans/long pants and boots (any kind of boot with a decent heel will work)

Pick up after yourself. Put brush boxes and all tack away properly.
Clean up after your horse.

Do a final check before leaving to be sure everything is put away as it should be.

Cancelation Policy:
You must notify your coach of the cancelation at least 24 hours in advance otherwise a $25 fee will apply. Exceptions may made, please talk to your coach.

Thank you so much for the support and trust you put in us! If you have any questions do not hesitate to text or call.

Choose a service to schedule

Lesson Program

Assessment Lesson - $40
This option is for students who have previous horse experience. Ride time will be 30 minutes to assess where the student is best suited in our program. This is also a great option for those interested in leasing so we can fit you with the lease horse that best fits your needs and experience level.
Leadline Ranch Experience - $25
This is a great option for young children to explore the wonderful world of horses and barn life. They will have the opportunity to ride a horse, feed them treats, and meet the other horses and cows while learning basic horse commands and developing their love for horses and the outdoors.
Tiny Tot Lesson - $25
Our Tiny Tot Lesson is the perfect introduction to horses for younger riders who are comfortable enough to ride on their own. Students will have up to half an hour of riding time on one of our lesson horses. They will learn the basics of horseback riding and build their confidence to become a successful horseman in the future. Horse will be presaddled and ready to go upon your arrival.
Beginner I - $40
~~ All students must start at this level reguardless of past experience ~~

In Beginner I students will learn about safety around horses; basic care; equipement; anatomy of horses; and basic horsemanship including walk/trot gates, transitions, control, balance, and conditioning.

Upon completion of this class students will recieve a certificate, t-shirt, and prize.
Beginner II - $45
In Beginner II students will continue their safety training around horses learning what to do in emergency situations; expand their knowledge of horses such as breeds, coat patterns, disciplines, and history; advance their horsemanship skills including walk/jog/extended jog/trot/canter gates, transitions, control, groundwork, and etiquette.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in horse show events at Juniper Trails. All students will recieve a certificate, shirt, and prize at the completion of this level.
Intermediate I - $50
Intermediate I is a big step up so students may be at this level for a longer period than beginner levels.

In Intermediate I, students will learn the specifics of equipment, anatomy, disciplines, horse care, and the modern horse world; they will become proficient with groundwork and horsemanship learning about collection, balance, lateral flexion, leg pressure, and seat control while developing feel. Students will be eligible to participate in events at Juniper Trails and will be ready to enter into Strides Academy @ Juniper Trails if they so choose.

Upon completion of this level students will recieve a certificate, t-shirt, and prize.
Strides Academy
Once the student has completed the Beginner and Intermediate levels he/she will be eligible to join Strides Academy and complete levels VI through VII where they will continue to advance their horsemanship skills while unlocking new opportunities such as…
~Joining our show team
~Attending clinics by top trainers
~Learning about the industry and sales prep
~Eligible for our mentorship program
~Attending events for different disciplines
~Able to join our internship program
~Assistance in purchasing their own horse (optional)

Lesson Packages:

$300/month ~ Includes:
~6 private lessons
~1 group lesson
Estimated time to complete program: 16 months

$150/month ~ Includes:
~3 private lessons
~1 group lesson
Estimated time to complete program: 31 months
Make Up Lesson with Talena
This link is for clients whose lesson got rescheduled or cancelled for any reason. Price will be that of your normal lesson. There can be up to 3 riders in each lesson.

Horse Owners

Horse Exercise Session - $10
An exercise session is getting your horse out for lunging or turnout. No training will take place as these sessions are purely for getting your horse the exercise they need.
Horse Training Session - $25
A training session can be on the ground, in the saddle, or both. There is no specified time limit as Talena will go off of how much the horse feels like he or she can handle mentally. Please talk to Talena (928) 231-2022 before scheduling a training session for your horse.
Tune Up Lesson - $30
Tune up lessons are only half an hour. They are a good alternative to the full hour whenever you are only wanting a quick tune up or opinion on a certain task. Horse must be saddled and warmed up by the lesson time. Please discuss with Talena what an approprate warm up is for you and your horse as it varies between different horse and rider teams.
Private Lesson - $50
Private lessons are great for everyone and we recommend that you have at least one private lesson per week. Please notify your trainer about your horse's skill level before booking a private lesson. Please have your horse saddled by your scheduled lesson time.

Extra Services

Strides Academy Team Practice - $40
**You MUST be invited to participate in this group**

This group is for those who are actively competing with our crew. We will have a main focus on speed events such as barrel racing and pole bending with some additional activities depending on what competitions we have coming up such as horse show prep, ranch riding, roping, etc.
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